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Utilities for SOHO Lawyers

Utilities help keep your computer running properly and free of viruses.  Although Windows comes with a set of tools, they are incomplete and difficult to use.  I have always depended on Symantec utilities to keep me up and running.

Amazon has a special storefront with all the key Symantec utilities.  You'll also find reviews and detailed information.  See Symantec store for info and pricing on all of Symantec's utilities.

See below for current utilities.  I use Systemworks, which includes the basic utilities, including one year of Norton AntiVirus.  If you are broadband connected, be sure to get a firewall, as well.


Winfax Pro is a fine product.  You can send and receive faxes direct from your computer. This is invaluable for sending out a quick fax without printing the document, and standing around your fax machine. 

You also need a battery backup.  This is a device which will power your computer until you have time to shut it down.  They are inexpensive, and last forever.  Here's some:


The subject of battery backup always brings up the old question, "Leave it on or turn it off?"  Many computer users leave the computer powered on 24 hours a day.  In the old days, this would save wear and tear on the computer power supply, and eliminate a long delay at boot up.  

I don't buy it.  While on, your computer is a fire hazard, is vulnerable to security breaches, power outages, power spikes and lightning.  Turn the damn thing off!

More later -- we're just getting started here.  What are your favorite utilities?  Let us know and we'll post them here. Write to Gary Williams at gw@soholawoffice.com