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You can practice effectively alone, at home, without staff --if you have the right software. Here's what works.
  • Windows XP:  The latest version is a complete redo, and is touted as something we all need. I have reservations.  It won't work with some software and some hardware.  If you want to upgrade, make sure your legal-specific software is compatible, or you are in deep doodoo.

Don't get me wrong.  XP works great.  It never crashes, which is a real boon.  The changeover, however, was painful.

  • Document Assembly:   Gives you the ability to go beyond cut-and-paste in building form files and brief banks.  Haven't tried it myself. Visit HotDocs for a free trial, if you can get it to download. Lawyers seem to love HotDocs, but I'm a bit put off by their web site which doesn't work.  One of these days, I'll try again.
  • Legal Research:  Here,  choose between online and CD Rom based products.  You can also use a combination of each.  The internet offers options which are very inexpensive, and some which are very complete.  The goal, in any case, is to get law books out of the law office.  

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  • Utilities:    Although Windows comes with some basic programs to keep your computer running, scan for viruses, and repair problems, you need a good utilities program. See our Utilities page.
  • Voice Recognition:   Yep, it actually works.  Talk to your computer and it types your dictation. I haven't tried this myself, but hear it's great. One universal tip is to buy a good quality headphone set, and make sure you have a decent sound card in your computer.  Apparently, the software needs high quality input, and a computer that can process it.
  • Practice ManagementClick here to see our page.  I use Amicus Attorney, and would not think of practicing without it.  This is an inexpensive, powerful program which does everything but shine your shoes on the way to court. Please send me reviews or comments on other systems, and I can post them here.  
  • Word Processing:  See our page. WordPerfect is still the number one legal word processor, but Word is making a run at our old favorite.  One reason to consider WordPerfect is its Law Office Suite, which includes Amicus Attorney, Hot Docs, and much more.


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