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 is a  great resource.  Before Amazon, I made a trip to Seattle every year or so to look for technical books.  Now, Amazon makes it possible to get any book on any subject, often at great prices.  Here are some for SOHO lawyers.

The Lawyer's Quick Guide to Word is an essential resource for anyone who uses Word.  Many of the "legal" features of Word are difficult to find.  This book shows them all. The Lawyer's Quick Guide series is very useful, and this one is no exception.  Here's some more:



Read this now.  Big firm lawyer escapes and finds himself.  Makes you feel like you just graduated from law school, complete with all those long forgotten ideals.  Just click The Street Lawyer and see how easy it is to shop  Before long, you'll be an Amazon junkie like the rest of us.


Here's a good example of what you can find on Amazon.  The Lawyers Quick Guide to Timeslips may just fill a  need for you. Haven't read this yet, but I've owned Timeslips for several months and haven't even installed it.  Could be time for me to buy a book.


Amicus Attorney in One Hour for Lawyers Another in the ABA series. Brand new.  Amicus Attorney is such a powerful tool, yet difficult to master. It is the only book of its kind I have found so far.  If you know of Amicus books, drop me a note. 


Running a Law Practice on a Shoestring . This certainly sounds appealing, but I'm not too sure about the title.  What if you can't afford a shoestring?  The reviews at Amazon are very mixed on this one.  Some love it; some hate it.  But wait, there's more!



Here are two invaluable  how-to books. The Special Edition series are my personal favorites.  These are deep enough to be helpful to anyone, yet also include the basics. 

Using Corel WordPerfect 9  WordPerfect is my word processor of choice.  The new version ( variously called 9 or 2000) is excellent. So is this book.




Using PowerPoint If you aren't  PowerPoint savvy, you will be soon.  Everybody will  use this technology.  Get ready now.  Then think about a projector.  House of Projectors has about everything, and lots of info.




 The Macintosh Software Guide for the Law Office

  Ok, Mac people.  This one's for you. I can't recommend it, as I wouldn't know a Mac from a hole in the ground.  In the interest, however, of political correctness, I include this book.





Know about a useful book?  Send me a note and I'll post it here.