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Everyone asks about equipment.  What do I need?  Where should I get it?

This section of soholawoffice answers those questions.   Most of the recommendations here are based on what I use, or know. This stuff works for me.

The good news?  Great new hardware is inexpensive, dependable, and easy to use.  I used my $400 printer for three years, with no breakdowns. If I hadn't done something incredibly stupid, I would still be using it. (Please don't ask).

My $600 copy machine has performed flawlessly since April, 1999.  No maintenance.  No repairs. Bought a few toner cartridges, and another doodad called a drum, or something like that.  I suppose I should take it in for a look, but think I'll just wait and see how long it goes.

Copier update -- March 24, 2001.  Copier making squeaky noises.  Should I take it in, or see how far this horse will run? Copies still flawless.

Update 2 -- September 25, 2001.  Quit squeaking, still running strong.  

Update 3 -- February 3, 2002.  Squeaked, then quit squeaking again.  Still no repairs.  It's become a matter of principle.

Update 4 -- December 12, 2002.  Still spitting out those good looking copies.  No repairs yet.  This is unbelievable. It will be four years old in April.  Think I'll bake it a cake.

Here's the latest version of this great machine, the Sharp AL-1551 Laser Copier/Printer.  This series is sold by both Sharp and IBM.

 It also doubles as a laser printer. This has saved my bacon a few times, and it really speeds up production to have this baby printing long stuff, while I print shorter docs on my inkjet.

You will spend between $3000 and  $5000 to set up a home law office with first class equipment and key software.  Here's how.

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