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SOHO Lawyers Use the Web

The internet is a SOHO lawyer's best friend. We avoid  trekking to a law library, only to find that the book we want is gone.  We can communicate with clients, other lawyers, and witnesses in no time at all.  We  have supplies and equipment delivered to the office at discount prices.

Shop the Net.  

Internet shopping saves time and money. SOHO lawyers don't have assistants to shop for equipment and supplies.  Some of us use the expensive office supply stores, for the "free" delivery.  Online shopping is the only way.

Why drag around town from store to store when you can buy on the net and have everything delivered to your door?  I even use the net to shop for mundane supplies like paper, cartridges, and file folders. Check, for example, the cell phones available at Amazon.


Save Big.  Savings can be huge.  The internet is a very competitive environment, where comparison shoppers can easily find the best deal on anything. Not only do you save on the purchase price, but you save big by not using billable time to shop in stores.  

I recently bought a new printer.  It took probably five minutes to enter my order.   Two days later, the printer arrived at my door.  I signed for it.  Elapsed time -- about six minutes total.  I also saved about $75 on the price of the printer.

Compare that to a trip to the local mall.  At a minimum, I would have wasted an hour and a half.  That wasted time alone would have doubled the price I paid for the printer!

Comparison Shop.  Once you know what you want, check with three or four sources for the best price, including shipping.  Some vendors will have "free shipping weekends" or similar specials. Some include shipping in the price.  My printer cost about $14 to ship, but I paid $75 less for it than if I bought it in a store.  I buy mostly from Amazon, because the prices are good and the service is great.

You can save sales tax if you choose an out of state supplier, but here in Washington we have to pay it as use tax anyway.  

The $85 savings (about 25%) pales next to the billable time I would have wasted at "brick and mortar" shopping. 

Security.  I don't worry much about credit card security.  Maybe I should, but I don't.  I shop established online stores which have a lot more to lose from a security breach than I do.


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